Sept 2015 – 16 year old Nuramirah binti Ahmad Shuhaimi, enjoys the normal activities and interests of girls her age, like going to school and reading, but her current medical condition be a challenge for her.

Diagnosed with Biliary Artesia, a rare disease of the liver and bile ducts, since babyhood, Nuramirah requires constant medical care. This is an especially heavy burden on her parents, Encik Ahmad Shuhaimi bin Hurairi & Puan Suziyaton binti Mohd. Salleh, not only financially, as her monthly medical bills are quite substantial, but they have also had to sacrifice their careers in order to care for their daughter. They also have other children.

To help ease the family’s current financial situation, Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid donated a sum of RM3000.00 towards the cost of Nuramirah’s medical bills.

YTAH Director, Puan Ellina binti Abdul Majid, met with Nuramirah and her parents and said, “Nuramirah is a remarkably brave young lady who bears her affliction with cheerful stoicism and an unwavering faith in The Almighty.”

The Yayasan is privileged to contribute in its modest way towards alleviating the challenges faced by Nuramirah and her family.


Puan Ellina sharing a light moment with Nuramirah and her parents, Encik Ahmad Shuhaimi & Puan Suziyaton, while together in the picture is Yayasan administrative officer, Puan Zuriani binti Hashim