The residents at Rumah Penjagaan Warga Tua Sri Tanjung, Kampung Damai, Kuang, Selangor Darul Ehsan were in for a grand surprise on 04th December 2010 when representatives from Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid came a-calling with a Sony 52 inch colour tv set, all the better for them to watch their favourite Astro programmes.

The magnificent tv set was a gift to the residents from Encik Zain Ibrahim Rashid & Puan Nik Norita Nik Hassan. How it came about was when Puan Norita happened to ask YTAH Director, Ellina binti Abdul Majid, if she knew of any senior residents’ home that might like a larger than normal tv set.

“Being elderly, their eyesight is usually not so good, so it would be nice for them to watch tv on a big screen,” said Puan Norita.

After making a few discreet inquiries, Ellina suggested Rumah Penjagaan Warga Tua Sri Tanjung, an efficiently managed, clean and airy senior residents’ home for Muslims at Kuang, headed by Puan Hajah Azizah Ismail, a retired nurse and her dedicated staff force of seven, including her daughter, Siti Aishah.

Arrangements were made by Yayasan volunteers to collect the giant tv set from Encik Zain & Puan Norita’s house and to deliver it to the home, which is located in a pleasant, leafy suburb about a half hour drive from KL.

Maal Hijrah 1432 falls on 07th December this year so the tv may be regarded as a New Year’s gift for the folks at Sri Tanjung.

Many of the residents at the home suffer from some form of dementia and the usual conditions and discomforts that accompany old age and require close supervision. But they look forward to receiving visitors and from time to time, small groups of well-wishers arrange to come over with lunch. This is a pleasant diversion for the residents and allows the staff at the home a well-deserved break from cooking.

Puan Hajah Azizah expressed her gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the residents to Encik Zain & Puan Norita for their kind gift and also to Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid, “May Allah bless you all.”

Yayasan volunteers installing the tv in the sitting room

the leafy suburb where Rumah Penjagaan Warga Tua Sri Tanjung is located