On 17th September 2009, YTAH sponsored a buka puasa at Rumah Nur Salam in Chow Kit. Friends of the Yayasan – Feisal and Serena Azizuddin represented YTAH and also spent time chilling with the children.

There were about 130 children who attended the buka puasa and they were all neatly seated as the delicious food was being laid out. While waiting to break fast, the children harmoniously recited prayers and passages from the Quran.


As soon as it was Maghrib, the children recited the prayer for breaking one’s fast, and then proceeded to eat their dinner. There was an assortment of ‘lauks’ served, ranging from beef curry with potatoes, chicken masak merah, healthy vegetables, and juicy fruits, all washed down with ice cool orange cordial.

The children took only moments to finish their food and were done within 10 minutes. Feisal and Serena continued to chat with the children, many of whom were familiar faces, sharing jokes and recalling light moments spent during the many previous outings and classes.


After a short speech by one of the Nur Salam staff, the children recited a prayer for the late Tun Abdul Hamid. Then, in full chorus, the children burst into a charming ‘thank you’ song which consisted of singing ‘Thank You’ in different languages as an acknowledgement of the Yayasan’s support.


The children then lined up to ‘salam’ Feisal and Serena who handed out ‘duit raya’ to each of the children as they called out ‘Selamat Hari Raya’ and ‘See you soon’ while going down the stairs to go home.