Women’s Aid Organization (WAO) held an annual gathering for sponsors and recipients of the WAO Anak Angkat Programme at their premises in Petaling Jaya on 12th December 2009.

The Yayasan which sponsors seven children under the programme was delighted to have the opportunity to together with its anak-anak angkat. Vice Chairman Azizuddin bin Abdul Hamid and several Friends of the Yayasan spent time chatting with the children and discussing how they were faring at school. A copy of the final exam results and school report of each anak angkat had been sent to the Yayasan earlier for the Board Of Directors’ perusal and reference.

Ten year old Siti Maisarah did her mother proud by coming out first in class this year. Not only that, she received two awards for best student in class. Her younger sister Halimatul Saadiah also received the best student award for Bahasa Malaysia.

Needless to say, the Yayasan too shared in their glory. FOTY Vanessa and Leia contributed a portion of their pocket money towards buying special presents for Maisarah and Halimatul. The other anak-anak angkat and their siblings were also given a gift each, courtesy of Friends of the Yayasan. The mothers of the anak-anak angkat received a cash donation each as well, courtesy of Friends of the Yayasan.

Siti Maisarah receiving a gift from FOTY Ellina at the WAO gathering


Ellina with YTAH anak angkat Juan Jie’s mother, Irene. Irene has gone for two operations for cancer, yet is still able to smile and keep strong for the sake of her schoolgoing children


A group picture with the YTAH anak-anak angkat taken in the garden of the WAO safehouse