The year has gone by all too quickly but we’re delighted to report that our Yayasan sponsored children have utilised their time in an industrious and productive manner.

At brunch with the Directors and Friends of Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid on 9th December 2013, the children’s mother, Puan Setyana Yahya updated everyone present on the various activities and achievements of the children.

For 14 year old Siti Maisarah, the highlight was winning second place for shot putt at the Wilayah Persekutuan level in school athletics.
Maisarah who is also a member of her school cadet corps, was also in the team that won second place for marching drill in the Sentul division of the drill competition.

In addition, she participated in the Bahasa Jawi and Al Quran Reading & Tadarus competitions at her school.

Presenting gifts to the children at brunch

A selection of the gifts presented to the children at brunch, with love from Friends of Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid

13 year old Halimatul Sa’adiah also took part in the competitions and was one of the runners-up in the Bahasa Jawi competition, masyaAllah.

A keen sportsperson like her elder sister, Halima was awarded school Athlete of the year for 2013 and best javelin player.

Eleven year old Siti Nur Fatihah had also excelled in various activities at school, winning subject prizes in Science, Civics, Islamic Studies and Bahasa Jawi. Of special mention is the full marks she was awarded for her “Scrap book” project for Civics.

As far as sporting activities were concerned, Fatihah was in the champion team in her school netball.

Youngest Muhd. Irfan Fakhrullah had also been busy, winning first place in a colouring competition and making satisfactory progress in English Language and Science.

And at his school sports, Irfan had won first place in the 100 metres, which was just the kind of achievement Yayasan Chairman Encik Azizuddin bin Tun Abdul Hamid liked to hear, being a keen runner himself and having participated in several marathons.

Not just that, but Irfan has also been selected as Library prefect for the coming school year 2014, which pleased YTAH Director, Puan Ellina Abdul Majid immensely, herself being an avid reader and author of four books.

Indeed it’s always so heartwarming to hear of young ones doing well in school, praise Allah, and may they continue to do so, aameen.

ytah 2013 dec children 1
YTAH Director Puan Ellina Abdul Majid, YTAH Member Cik Aza Izati Abdul Aziz and YTAH Admin Executive, Puan Zuriani Hashim in a group picture with Puan Setyana and three of our Yayasan sponsored children