17 March 2015 — NGO Tenaganita has been working tirelessly to address issues of exploitation, discrimination and unequal treatment of workers since 1991.

Under the requirement by chambering students to complete 14 weeks of voluntary legal aid before they may be called to the Malaysian Bar, a substantial number of students choose to offer their legal services to Tenaganita. To this end, Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid made a donation of RM10,000.00 to Tenaganita, specifically for the training & sensitization of Legal Aid pupils on various aspects of refugee, migrant and labour rights as well as increasing Tenaganita’s outreach work together with Legal Aid pupils, amongst other humanitarian issues.

Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid Director, Puan Ellina binti Abdul Majid popped by the Tenaganita office in Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya, to present the cheque and found the place abuzz with activity : traumatised domestic workers who had managed to flee abusive employers, a tearful elderly mother about to be reunited with her missing daughter, urgent telephone calls..

“Yes, it can be very hectic and there is so much that needs to be done,” says Tenaganita Program Manager, Ms Liva Sreedharan. “But at the end of the day, we go home with a feeling of satisfaction that we have done our best to lessen the plight of an innocent, wronged person and it’s a good feeling.”

ytah tenaga1a  Ms Liva Sreedharan is all smiles as she receives the donation on behalf of Tenaganita
ytah tenaga2aPuan Ellina personally writing out the cheque to be presented to Tenaganita from Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid
ytah tenaga3aA banner displaying a timely reminder to employers against exploitation and abuse of domestic workers