07 Jan 2015 – The picture shows Puan Setyana & her two daughters, Maisarah and Halimatun Sa’adiah, looking delightedly at the brand new Dell laptop computer presented to them by YTAH representative, Puan Zuriani binti Hashim, on behalf of Friends Of The Yayasan.

YTAH Director, Puan Ellina binti Abdul Majid, who was also present, stated that Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid is very fortunate as far as charitable organisations go, in that “We have a group of kind hearted people known as Friends Of The Yayasan, who are ever willing to donate generously in terms of equipment, household necessities, tuition services and personal time, to the causes that the Yayasan supports. And the most heartwarming thing about this is that they all prefer to remain anonymous, which is the true essence of charity.

“These acts of anonymous generosity actually go back a long way, from the time Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid was founded, when kindhearted individuals pledged their personal monies to enable the Yayasan to embark on its initial primary objective of providing financial aid to impoverished law students.

“In this instance, with the gift of a new computer, Maisarah and her siblings will be able to do their school assignments and homework with ease, just like their other classmates.

“We are also very grateful to one of our other Friends Of The Yayasan, who is sponsoring a wifi service for the children at home. This would mean the children no longer have to go out to the mamak shop or cyber café each time they need to research their school work on the internet.”