The prospect of a new school year is always exciting for Siti Maisarah and her siblings, Halimatul Sa’adiah, Siti Nur Fatihah and Muhammad Irfan Fakhrullah. But for their mother, Puan Setyana, it’s an anxious time as she wonders whether she has enough to buy them their uniforms, shoes and other necessities to equip them properly for school. In addition, there are the other recurring expenses to be met like the utilities bills and assessment for their modest flat. So the Yayasan’s annual donation of RM3600.00 to help out the family goes some way towards easing their financial burden.

Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid Director, Ellina, decided to make it an outing for the children when presenting the cheque to Puan Setyana by treating them all to breakfast at Grand Seasons Hotel on 28 December 2012. The children had fun ordering whatever they liked to eat while their mother updated Ellina as to the children’s progress at school and in their extracurricular activites.

The children enjoying their favourite choice of sandwiches and drinks