PCAJB was presented with a donation of RM2000.00 by Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid in December 2017 as the Yayasan’s modest contribution towards the burgeoning need for specialised medical and nursing support for terminally ill patients.

Each year, Palliative Care Association of Johor Bahru provides free palliative care to about 300 patients in the Johor Bahru area by staff and volunteers wholeheartedly committed to the hospice philosophy.

The hospice philosophy holds that end-of-life care should emphasise quality of life, which is to treat the whole person – physical, emotional, spiritual and practical – and not just the disease. Dame Cicely Saunders (1918-2005), a physician and social worker, is best known for her role in the hospice movement, emphasising the importance of palliative care (that is, relief from pain and its accompanying trauma of physical and mental stress) in modern medicine.