31 Jan 2019 –  YTAH is pleased to continue our humble efforts to ease slightly the financial burdens of single mother, Puan Setyana bt Yahya, in providing for her four children, Siti Maisarah, Halimatul Sa’adiah, Siti Nur Fatihah & Muhd Irfan Fakhrullah.

With the eldest two girls now pursuing their tertiary education at public institutions of higher learning and the youngest two still at school, there are even more expenses to be incurred but Puan Setyana maintains her tenacity and optimism in doing the best she can to secure her children’s future. The sports injury incurred in her youth as an athlete has flared up again, which limits her mobility and ability to work effectively but she regards it as part of life’s challenges and carries on regardless.

As always, we at the Yayasan, wish Puan Setyana and her lovely family all the best for the future. It has been more than a decade now that Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid has played a small part in Puan Setyana’s children’s lives and we are very happy to watch their progress as they grow up and hopefully take their places as worthy, hardworking adults in society.

YTAH representative Iskander Azizuddin presenting the Yayasan’s annual contribution of RM4000 to Puan Setyana towards the living expenses of her children