2018 proved to be a busy year with donations made to several non-governmental humanitarian organisations, in order for them to continue with their good works in line with our Yayasan’s objective to reduce human suffering and improve the quality of human life.


April 2019 – Palliative Care Association of Johor Bahru (PCAJB) is one of the humanitarian organisations which the Yayasan is pleased to support for the medical & nursing care PCAJB provides to more than 250 patients


Our Children
We are also very happy to report that our Yayasan sponsored children, Maisarah, Halimah & Muhammad Irfan, continue to bring us joy with their steady progress in their studies. Our wish as always for them, is that they grow up to be useful and responsible citizens of society and a credit to their mother, Puan Setyana Yahya, who sacrifices so much for them in the hope that they will have a better life.


 Empowerment Initiative

Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid, we are further pleased to report, has also embarked on an Empowerment initiative for the financially underprivileged, “Give me a day and I’ll teach you to fish” to equip them with new skills in order to increase their earning potential.


So far, three programmes have been carried out, involving a total of 25 participants of varying age groups and different cultural backgrounds. The skills imparted by expert practitioners in different vocational fields include Traditional baking & dessert creations, 3 Dimensional Jelly art creations as well as Decoupage & other craft making skills. While the emphasis is on learning, the programmes are also imbued with a sense of fun and as a form of therapy in assuaging the stresses of daily strife.



Underprivileged Mums learning how to bake traditional style pineapple jam tarts with Puan Sharifah Rokaiyah (centre)




Three-dimensional jelly art cake maker & instructor, Hajjah Hanizam (wearing brown tudung) conducting a jelly art cake making class with a group of young students from Fugee School & Save school





A group of financially underprivileged ladies in Negeri Sembilan enjoying a well deserved day out at Aimi Pedas Villa, Rembau, while at the same time learning découpage crafting skills under the tutelage of Puan Hajjah Wan Dura. [YTAH would like to record their appreciation to the owners, YBhg Dato’ Aimi Zaimi Azhar & YBhg Datin Zainuritha Alfa, of Aimi Pedas Villa Homestay for their hospitality and support]