Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid has embarked on an Empowerment initiative for the financially underprivileged, “Give me a day and I’ll teach you to fish” to equip them with new skills in order to increase their earning potential.


So far, three programmes have been carried out, involving a total of 25 participants of varying age groups and different cultural backgrounds. The skills imparted by expert practitioners in different vocational fields include Traditional baking & dessert creations, 3 Dimensional Jelly art creations as well as Decoupage & other craft making skills. While the emphasis is on learning, the programmes are also imbued with a sense of fun and as a form of therapy in assuaging the stresses of daily strife.



Underprivileged Mums learning how to bake traditional style pineapple jam tarts with Puan Sharifah Rokaiyah (centre)




Three-dimensional jelly art cake maker & instructor, Hajjah Hanizam (wearing brown tudung) conducting a jelly art cake making class with a group of young students from Fugee School & Save school





A group of financially underprivileged ladies in Negeri Sembilan enjoying a well deserved day out at Aimi Pedas Villa, Rembau, while at the same time learning découpage crafting skills under the tutelage of Puan Hajjah Wan Dura. [YTAH would like to record their appreciation to the owners, YBhg Dato’ Aimi Zaimi Azhar & YBhg Datin Zainuritha Alfa, of Aimi Pedas Villa Homestay for their hospitality and support]