We, at the Yayasan, are delighted to announce that our YAYASAN TUN ABDUL HAMID Scholar, Vince Tan Hoo Seh has graduated with Second Class Honours in the Bachelor Of Laws (LLB) degree course from University of Malaya. The convocation ceremony was held on 18 October 2016 at the university’s Dewan Tunku Canselor.
Vince is currently doing his chambering with a law firm in his hometown of Penang and hopes to work in KL after being called to the Malaysian Bar early next year.
Congratulations on your achievement, Vince, and All the Best in your future career!



PROJECT FOOTBALL RAKYAT – A social unity initiative spearheaded by our YAYASAN TUN ABDUL HAMID Scholar Vince Tan Hoo Seh since 2015

Participating in sports provides us an avenue to fight racism. Football is a team game which requires teamwork and we can only achieve teamwork if we work as one. Project Football Rakyat hopes to spread the message of kicking racism out of our community and uniting Malaysians of all races and ideologies through the universally beloved game of football.

On 16 September 2016, Project Football Rakyat celebrated its one year anniversary with a special Malaysia Day Match.

This year’s theme is “Red Card Against Racism” which is symbolic where a player is sent off from the pitch when he receives a Red Card for breaching rules of the game. This also serves as an analogy In showing the same Red Card to racism.
Project Football Rakyat hopes to send positive messages on unity through the sport of football. We believe that sports can bring people together as well as become a platform to send positive messages on social issues.”

Project Football Rakyat

Project Football Rakyat Team Picture