Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid held a special awards presentation ceremony for the recipients of its 2011 Law Scholarship & Bursary Awards at the Heritage Room of the Royal Selangor Golf Club, Jalan Kelab Golf, off Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 15th October 2011.

Present at the ceremony were the Board of Directors of Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid, Azizuddin bin Abdul Hamid, Tan Sri Datuk Hj. Lamin bin Mohd. Yunus, Mr. Kwang Jia Shing and Puan Ellina binti Abdul Majid. The guests of honour included the Honorary Patron of the Yayasan, Toh Puan Datin Seri Hajjah Azian binti Aiyub Ghazali, the Dean of Multimedia University, Assoc. Professor Dr. Hishamuddin bin Ismail, and representatives of the Deans of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara, Dr. Mahmud Zudhi and Encik Iqbal.

Also present were the proud parents and relatives of the sole Yayasan Scholar for 2011, Mr. Tan Hoo Seh of University Malaya, and the five bursary awards recipients, Mr. Ng Kee Way of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Cik Azarith Sofia binti Aziz & Cik Nur Amirah binti Mohd. Hanifah of Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UiTM), and Mr. Yap Keen Leong and Mr. Lim Kuan, both of Malaysia Multimedia University.

In his speech, Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid Chairman, Azizuddin bin Tun Abdul Hamid said that “the Yayasan has observed that while academic excellence is and should be a very important criteria in the award of scholarships and bursaries, there seems to be a growing number of bright students who, because of their difficult financial situation, deserve to get financial assistance in their studies. Yet because of the extremely high standards required to obtain a scholarship or bursary, they are unable to qualify.

Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid Chairman Azizuddin bin Tun Abdul Hamid giving his speech.

This puts a financial strain on their parents who have to bear the educational expense. It can also be stressful on the students themselves in ensuring they perform their best so as not to disappoint their parents who are making sacrifices to put their children through university. In order to relieve some of the financial burden in such situations, the Yayasan offers students who have attained reasonable grades in their examinations a one-time bursary in the hope it would go some small way towards assisting them financially.”

This year, the criteria for selection was based on a consistently satisfactory academic record, an indication of financial hardship and the submission of an essay expressing their views on a choice of topics – whether euthanasia should be legalised in Malaysia, or, would the decision to go to war ultimately lie with the executive power of the country or should a vote be taken by the citizens, or, should genetically engineering an embryo so that the baby is born disease-free be ethically acceptable practice.

Azizuddin was pleased to announce that “the number of applications received this year far exceeded previous years. The candidates included students from University Malaya, Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and Malaysia Multimedia University.”

Board of Directors of Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid posing with Tan Hoo Seh and his parents.

Out of all the applications received, 21 candidates were shortlisted and eventually five candidates were selected to receive a one-time bursary award of RM2500.00 while one candidate was awarded a scholarship of RM28,000.00 intended to cover the duration of his four year law degree course at University Malaya. All applications were considered solely on merit and financial hardship.

Tan Hoo Seh from Penang, who was awarded the scholarship, had scored 8As in his SPM and 4As in his STPM. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Yayasan for awarding him the scholarship and promised to do his best in his studies. His father and aunt who were present to witness the presentation, were overjoyed that Hoo Seh was awarded the scholarship.

Third year UKM student, Ng Kee Way from Negeri Sembilan was also greatly appreciative of the bursary awarded to him. “This will help to ease the burden of my family as the PTPTN loan granted to me for my four year course is far from enough.”

Bursary award recipient Nur Amirah binti Mohd. Hanifah from Kelantan, said she was very happy to receive the bursary. The third child of seven children, Nur Amirah had scored 7As in her SPM before going on to do the Law Foundation (fast track) programme at UiTM. Her classmate, Azarith Sofia binti Aziz from Johore, who also received a bursary, had scored 6As in her SPM.

Another Bursary award recipient, Lim Kuan from Negeri Sembilan had scored 12As in his SPM and had also completed his Khidmat Negara. His parents who are both teachers, expressed their appreciation that their son’s academic achievement was given recognition in the form of the award. His fellow student, Yap Keen Leong from Perak, was also awarded a bursary based on his satisfactory academic record.

The awards ceremony was followed by lunch during which recipients were able to mingle with each other and exchange views and experiences of undergraduate life at their respective universities.

The Board of Directors of Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid with the Bursary Award recipients and the Dean of Multimedia University, Assoc. Professor Dr. Hishamuddin bin Ismail, and representatives of the Deans of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara, Dr. Mahmud Zudhi and Encik Iqbal.




To Hoo Seh, Kee Way, Nur Amirah, Azarith Sofia, Lim Kuan and Keen Leong, all of us at Yayasan Tun Abdul Hamid offer you our Heartiest Congratulations and wish you the Very Best in your studies. We also look forward to that auspicious occasion in the not too distant future when you will all graduate as lawyers and may you be a credit to the legal profession!